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At Bultum Academy, our classroom philosophy is that learner success is based on a partnership where teachers facilitate, learners participate, and families engage.


STEM Program

STEM jobs are growing faster than jobs overall in Minnesota and offer salaries that are much higher than the average for all industries in the state. Access to these jobs is not equitable between white students and students of color due to the disparities in science and math proficiency as measured by state assessment results. We are therefore determined to close the STEM achievement gap by providing STEM programs at Bultum.

Core Academic Classes

  • Math

  • Literacy

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Special Education

  • English Language Development


  • Physical Education

  • Arabic Language

  • Oromo Language & Culture

  • Art

Social-Emotional Development


Learning is more than just academic skills. We believe that students will be more successful if the school culture is calm and positive; teachers explicitly teach social skills; a classroom and school community is built ensuring that every student belongs; and the school is intentional about teaching everyone to work with a variety of people. We believe that the social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum. This means that we teach our students how to be great people in addition to gaining necessary academic skills.

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