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The Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Education have developed a model plan to require school districts to test for lead in water in public school buildings serving students in kindergarten through grade 12. The plan is based on standards established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


Bultum Academy

Bultum Academy has adopted the state's model plan to test for lead in water in its school buildings.


Frequency of Testing.

Bultum Academy Elementary school facilities will be tested for the quality of drinking water every five years. If lead contamination is detected at a particular water source, the school will promptly stop using the water until the hazard is mitigated.



If a test reveals the presence of lead above a certain level, the school must either remediate the lead or directly notify parents of the test result. The school must also make the water source unavailable until the hazard has been minimized. Test results will be displayed and archived on the school's website.

To view the test results, click here.

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