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Admissions Procedures


Bultum Academy is a public charter school and is open to the public free of cost. Class sizes are limited based on limits set by the school board and administration. Families wishing to enroll for the upcoming school year should submit an application for the lottery process. The application will be available each year on December 31st. Once enrolled at Bultum Academy, students maintain their spot and do not need to reapply for upcoming school years. Bultum Academy follows all enrollment requirements as governed by Minnesota statute 124E.11.

Enrollment Lottery


An enrollment lottery will be held on the first business day in March for each grade where the number of applications exceeds the number of open spots. To participate in the lottery, families must submit an application between the first business day in January before March 1st. Once all of the open spots are filled, the remaining students will be drawn and placed sequentially on the waiting list. Applications received on or after March 1st will be placed at the end of the waiting list in the order they are received.


How to Apply

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